Playing with bricks


A Boundary Park warehouse and office block, located within Johannesburg’s North Riding area, is a unique envisioning of the striking elegance that characterises Corobrik’s latest addition to the clay paver range – the Black Brick.

“This design is unique as it is the largest building in South Africa to be built entirely from Corobrik’s black-coloured brick,” says Musa Shangase, Corobrik’s Commercial

“The captivating aesthetic of the building was a requirement from the client, achieved by the stark brick elevation which contrasts well with the extremely large-angled glass façade
and playful entrance design. The plaster and paint effect echo the off-shutter border and accentuate the diagonal glazing: this perspective play makes the entrance look deeper, enhancing the perception of space,” continues Musa.

Face brick was used throughout the warehouse and offices, internally and externally. There were also portions of Black Brick façade visible internally as features within the office. Energy-saving measures were then incorporated through insulation placedinside the brick cavity walls.

Musa Shangase, Tel: (011) 871-8600

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