Smarter shipping


“Logistyx Technologies TME 3.0, a transportation management system (TMS) designed for parcel shipping has levelled the playing field for shippers who compete with global e-commerce behemoths like Amazon as customers of all sizes can leverage this platform,” says Logistyx

At times of high demand, many of Logistyx’s largest customers ship more than 80 000 packages per hour. TME 3.0 selects the most effective and efficient combination of multicarrier services, properly documents those services to ensure compliance, tracks the services through to completion, and ensures accurate billing and timely payment.

While many shippers around the world continue to place the onus on customers to track and trace the status of their orders, Logistyx facilitates a more proactive approach.

Shippers set thresholds that trigger proactive alerts about delays and other problems
and automatically provide options to resolve them or reduce end-customer dissatisfaction.

Shippers also define their own business rules to direct TME 3.0’s rapid parcel carrier selection based on a variety of factors, including package weight, contents, carrier contracts and rates.

“The TME 3.0 business intelligence engine empowers customers to see a more complete picture of what’s happening with their parcel shipping and better understand where
gains can be made throughout the organisation.

“It extends the platform beyond shipment processing to enable shippers to rate shop and perform rate simulation for individual parcel shipments at scale. Shippers easily gain insights from their own data to create cost reductions and service enhancements while creating efficiencies for any parcel-shipping operation,” concludes Ken.

Ken Fleming
Tel: +1 877 755 2374