Passwords like underwear


Password breaches are all too common nowadays and the biggest challenge is to keep a different complex password for every website or app.

Most people use the same passwords on multiple sites and when one of those sites is compromised, hackers test the login information on other sites. This means having one password compromised can lead to one’s password being compromised on many other sites.

Human behaviour is to make things as simple as possible for ourselves and sometime by making things simple, it becomes simpler for those with ill intent.

The excuses are mostly around the inability to remember multiple passwords. It’s too difficult if you can’t write them down or store them on a mobile device, but in the past, people would remember 10, 15, 20 plus telephone numbers and lock combinations. Today
we remember none as we use a phone to do all our thinking.

The perfect password is in something from a list of favourite things, a phrase or a lyric.
A great password is worth the effort. Remember that passwords should be treated like underwear, they are personal, shouldn’t be shared and they must be changed regularly.

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