New Moves in the Western and Eastern Cape


Kardex Remstar has appointed Acrow, one of South Africa’s largest storage and construction equipment manufacturers, as their dealer for the Western and Eastern Cape. This partnership was recently launched in Cape Town. “Supply Chain Today” was there.

Kardex Remstar, synonymous with automated storage solutions and materials handling
systems, is one of those brands that you just know. Much like Acrow. It is therefore
hardly surprising that the two companies are working together in the Western and Eastern Cape.

According to Enrico Moya, Acrow’s business development director, it is a partnership that
bodes well for the province bringing Kardex Remstar’s vast and flexible product range closer than ever before.

While Kardex Remstar has a dealer in Gauteng and KZN, it is in the growing Western Cape area where major opportunities lie. Says Gys Mans, Regional Business Manager Southern Africa for Kardex Remstar, “There is much synergy between our two companies and this arrangement fits very well with all of our other business units.”

Delivering solutions
According to Enrico, too often solutions are pushed onto customers who are told what to buy, when to buy and how. “Customers can draw on the years of experience that our team brings to the table. We have an in-depth knowledge not just of the products we sell, but also how they perform under different conditions having implemented solutions from grassroots level.”

Enrico says much effort goes into training at Acrow to insure a deep knowledge of all the products while technicians are specialised. After-sales service is a critical strength in today’s competitive environment.

“We are not just traders and peddlers of racking and shelving but are intimately concerned with quality from finding the right solution to manufacturing or securing the correct product to final product handover,” he emphasises.

All of this, adds Gys, contributed to the Kardex Remstar decision to appoint Acrow as an authorised distributor for the materials handling line of business given its well-established base in the Western and Eastern Cape underpinned by a national footprint. Good support systems, experience and human capital are also in place allowing the company to take on the Kardex Remstar high-dense vertical and horizontal automated solutions with ease.

Industry trends
“Dynamic storage and retrieval solutions are increasingly called for by industry while at the
same time warehouse floor space has to be optimized and safety elements addressed,” says Gys. An ideal product here is the Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module.

From storing small parts to large heavy tools this solution allows manufacturers to keep inventory all in one place, while saving on floor space, increasing productivity and delivering a positive return on investment.

This range, says Demetris Kouloundis, Regional Sales Director for Kardex Remstar in Africa and the Middle East, is designed with customer-specific requirements (variation in height of units, secured access to goods, pick-assist technology as well as full Warehouse Management Software integration options) and is able to store up to 1 000kg per tray, with units up to 30 metres in height.

“It is a self-contained and extremely flexible system in which trays are stored vertically on the front and rear of the unit. In between is an extractor which automatically conveys the trays holding the goods to the access opening at the touch of a button or when a barcode is scanned,” he explains.

Thanks to its modular design, the Shuttle XP can be adapted to the requisite height both before and after it has been installed and the number of access openings can also be modified. Depending on the height of the room, this means that the size of the footprint can be reduced by at least 85% compared with conventional systems.

Capacity and height
Each tray is automatically scanned with the help of Optiflex technology, which scans the height of the goods stored on top of the tray, and then proceeds to store the tray in the most dynamic location within the unit. Storage of trays is carried out in 25mm increments.

The modular design of the system provides virtually unlimited flexibility while making the best use of various room heights. Demetris says, “The unit height can be chosen in 100-millimetre steps so that the Shuttle XP always perfectly meets capacity and height requirements in each case. Even when there is a change of location, it can quickly be adapted to the new environment by adding or removing modules.”

Installation is carried out in modular stages and the installation process of a single unit can be done within a few days, using minimal resources. According to Demetris, integrating dynamic storage solutions into manufacturing processes has positive, quick and direct impact on an organisation’s bottom-line.

Procuring these systems is easily justified through improved productivity, recovered floor
space and increased pick accuracy gains alone. “Implementing an automated storage
system can increase productivity by up to two-thirds,” he states. “Often, facilities
implement these systems but maintain current labour levels which results in even
higher picking capacities.”

It is, however, in the security of the system that even more value lies. Password controlled
and operated by one person, the machine records who used the system and when. This has led to a major reduction in pilferaging in operations where the system has been installed.

Ultimately, Gys concludes, users can save time, cut the distance travelled, and generate
faster and more precise picks, significantly improving productivity.

Acrow, Enrico Moya, Tel: (011) 824-1527
Kardex Remstar, Gys Mans, Tel: 071-347-4616

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