Meeting consumer needs through tech


HighJump has unveiled how it will lead the digital transformation of retail execution, through the cloud, warehouse control, voice technology and warehouse simulation.

Consumer expectations for purchasing convenience, delivery speed, choice and adaptability are rising. This is in addition to new business models spanning eCommerce and subscription services, all in light of a rapidly shrinking workforce. As a result, retailers need the flexibility and visibility to make smarter, faster decisions for their supply chains.

HighJump’s latest advances make this possible, enabling retailers to seamlessly implement new workflows and emerging technologies. HighJump Now strengthens supply chains with the cloud as companies gain the capacity and secure environments required for advanced data analytics and technologies spanning artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, blockchain, IoT and machine learning.

The company’s Warehouse Control System (WCS) creates a single point of data and communication among all material handling equipment (MHE). Furthermore, the simulation solution allows retailers to test warehouse layouts in a virtual world.

Finally, the HighJump Voice technology is part automation, part human interaction, empowering and attracting talent with future technologies.

This includes using voice to direct automated vehicles or as the primary means of direction with augmented reality (AR).

Heather Smith