Software helps manage the supply chain


Developed in Pretoria by AppliSential, iSimPlan is a demand driven supply chain management platform. According to Victor dos Santos, iSimPlan senior software development engineer, success stories for DDMRP implementations are increasing as more businesses recognise the benefits of this methodology.

Because iSimPlan developers and consultants are based in South Africa, they have the distinct advantage of daily exposure to supply chain management in an emerging market, allowing them to provide cost effective solutions tailored to these markets. “iSimPlan’s customisable dashboards allow organisations to have an overview of the health of their strategic buffers, supporting the organisations’ ability to respond to supply chain volatility,” says Victor.

An added benefit to organisations based in Africa is that iSimPlan support and training staff are close at hand when needed. This is enhanced by the coaching and change management training that come as a prerequisite to any implementation. These features provide organisations with a competitive advantage that will allow them to grow.


Victor dos Santos

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