QR code shows your meat’s history


Ambrosus, the globally decentralised blockchain and IoT platform, has partnered with NDS, a subsidiary of Korean food producer Nongshim, to track and trace premium quality beef sold by food retailer Mega Mart. Using the AMB-NET blockchain, Ambrosus will pioneer a beef traceability model in Mega Mart, which will let company partners and consumers easily access detailed information about the history and transportation surrounding each cut of beef.

Ambrosus will be formally responsible for identifying and tracing all of Mega Mart’s’ beef using distributed ledger technology. It will also configure the data from each piece of meat into a consumer-oriented application, designed to facilitate trust and maximise customer satisfaction. Through a QR code, the specific cow, its origin, the veterinarian’s health check of the meat, and the transportation conditions of the product will all be easily accessible to the consumer through the scan of a smartphone.

“This proof-of-concept of the Ambrosus Network follows a recent partnership with Premium Goods, a French flavouring company, to use Blockchain and the IoT to provide transparency and proof-of-quality to Madagascar bourbon vanilla,” says Angel Versetti, CEO and co-founder of Ambrosus.

Ambrosus, Angel Versetti

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