A Sweet Door for a Fruit Company


The customer required a specialised door solution for their new 11 000 square metre warehouse with a capacity of handling tons of citrus produce every hour. A superior quality door solution was essential as product handling in and out of the warehouse must be swift to maintain the facility’s interior temperature in order to reduce the risk of costly produce spoilage and losses.

The project was spearheaded by Viaplan Consulting Engineers and Randcivils, two professional and highly respected companies in the civil engineering and construction industry. With quality product and service support stipulated by the customer as prerequisites, the two companies immediately turned to Maxiflex to provide an optimum door solution. 

Exact requirements met
“Maxiflex is known to Viaplan Consulting Engineers and Randcivils as we have been involved with them on a number of similar installations in the area,” explains Bram Janssen, Managing Director of Maxiflex. “Once we had identified the customer’s exact requirements, we immediately knew that the 1042P overhead panel sectional door from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Solutions would cater to the customer’s exact requirements.”

Bram adds that in addition to its exceptional features, the door’s pleasing aesthetic appearance perfectly complements the warehouse’s façade. Ideally suited for warehouses, logistics centres and factories, the robust, flexible, efficient and safe door system presents excellent sealing properties.

Each part of the overhead panel sectional door is built to the highest standards to ensure reliable operation even under extremely high workloads and harsh conditions. Made up of 42mm panels, the door forms a 4-way seal when closed, ensuring outstanding insulation from all weather conditions, protecting the fruit inside the warehouse. The door’s design has earned a class 3-certification for water tightness, wind load and air permeability. Furthermore, by helping to regulate the warehouse’s internal temperature, energy costs are kept to a minimum with subsequent costs savings for the customer.

From a safety perspective, the panels are filled with flame retardant polyurethane so the door won’t accelerate a fire and a control panel fitted to the door will indicate any faults.

Installation of the overhead sectional door was completed during the first quarter of 2018 to the satisfaction of the customer who also confirmed that they were impressed with the quality of the product. The customer also confirms that they have confidence in the door system as Maxiflex has successfully supplied these panel sectional doors for similar warehouseapplications in the local area.

Maintenace included
Maxiflex is responsible for door maintenance and provided the customer. “Correct use of the door system is critical as it will extend the product’s lifespan and keep running costs to a minimum for subsequent lowest total cost of ownership for our customer,” concludes Bram.

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