Supply Chain Compendium


The Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership’s (SBL) Professor Douglas Boateng, Africa’s first ever appointed Professor Extraordinaire for supply and value chain management, launched the second edition of the world’s first compendium on Supply Chain Management (SCM) in Accra, Ghana.

The second edition of the book titled, “Executive Insights Series: Compendium of Supply Chain Management Terms” is supported and endorsed by the SBL and contains thousands of detailed definitions and information to help public and private sector officials understand and apply aspects of supply chain management thinking to their respective value chains, support industrialisation and competitiveness, and improve service delivery quality.

Prof. Boateng says he has witnessed spectacular transformations of economies like South Korea, China, Singapore, South Africa and Rwanda and believes Ghana as a country can improve if we understand the inter-connectivity between the various aspects of the value chain.

“In Africa what we’ve been doing is just buying; not procuring and not strategically sourcing hence our dear old continent has become a dumping ground for fake, or counterfeit products. If we do not change our mindset through supply chain thinking, how are we going to be able to create much needed jobs for the youth of today and tomorrow? This is not just a Ghana problem or African problem; there is a general lack of understanding of supply chain management.”

“We’re all aware that doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers have their ‘bible’; in supply chain management we don’t have one. So, I decided to develop one at my own cost. It took me 1 885 days to develop the first compendium. The second one took me 912 days to come up with at my own cost, but for me I did it for a reason. If the world understands supply chain management, it will a better place for the African child.”

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