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Stafford Masie, former Google SSA head and the innovator behind ThumbzUp and the Payment Pebble, was speaking at the official launch of a new digital skills and careers expo for South African youth, MyFuture 4.0, in Johannesburg, held in September.
Stafford says,”There is no such thing as a technology company or a technology sector, the lowest common denominator of everything now, is technology. While some jobs are being eradicated and threatened as a result of technology, it’s ok, because the jobs a lot of people are doing today are not what humans should be doing. If a job is measured in efficiency and productivity, a machine will always outperform humans. Humans are meant for a higher purpose.
“AI is plural – AI is not singular. It is not a thing, it is an orchestration of disparate species of intelligences. Next generation businesses will harness and orchestrate latent cognition. Technology has real impact when it is sensory, ubiquitous and no longer visible. Industries are being redefined because solutions no longer have a visual user interface, says Stafford.
“The future of jobs right now is in creating converged intelligent ecosystems. Don’t build beautiful mobile apps, talk about things that are sensory. The future of technology is when it disappears.
“In the startups I invest in, none of these jobs have definitions. We look at a problem and then we attack it. That’s how innovation happens today. It’s about coalescing all these disparate species of intelligences and delivering on a particular business function,” he adds.
“Businesses are starting to realise that it is important to harness latent human capital on the outside of the business; symbiotically augmented by intelligences that are non-conscious, and delivering that relative to the core value of the business. That’s sustainability. We will only run out of work when we run out of problems to solve,” he concludes.
MyFuture 4.0

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