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Massdiscounters has adopted a Driver-Led Visibility solution. The solution, paired with Trackmatic’s detailed business analytics, has transformed key performance indicators, with the objective of empirically-based driver performance KPIs improving by 14% combined with significant savings on fuel, productivity and time.

Massdiscounters heads up the two retail chains, Game and DionWired, and is a subsidiary of JSE-listed Massmart Holdings. It is Africa’s third largest distributor of consumer goods, a leading retailer of general merchandise, liquor and home improvement equipment and supplies, and a wholesaler of basic foods. Massdiscounters operates outbound logistics from three Regional Distribution Centres to 140 Game and Dion Wired stores.
The organisation was working with an execution management system that wasn’t meeting their management, visibility and analytics requirements. Business was increasingly frustrated with poor visibility and the inability to manage stakeholders in the delivery execution process including 3PL providers, warehouse operations and stores.
They needed a solution that would not only deliver traceability and trackability tools for seamless management and control, but that would also provide analytics to enhance business insight and decision-making capabilities.
“We needed a system that would help us to understand execution problems accurately thereby allowing us to address them effectively,” explains Marcus Vosloo, Massdiscounters, National Transport Services Manager. “We have worked with a lot of systems, but the Trackmatic offering has changed the way we approach our drivers and our business.”
With numerous customisable feature sets and a rich toolkit that delivers improved accuracy, driver visibility, real-time monitoring, and accurate insight and detail into daily operations, the Driver-Led Visibility solution was the ideal fix for the problems facing the organisation.
“This technology has allowed us to become more efficient in our data usage and more proficient in our data applications,” says Marcus. “The Trackmatic BI (business intelligence) design means that we don’t really have to touch the data to get what we need out of it.”
The system allows for the teams at Massdiscounters to gain perfect insight into driver behaviour and delivery processes. Using the system, the operations team at Massdiscounters has optimised deliveries by improving truck utilisation, with faster turnaround times and increased the volume of deliveries per day. To further facilitate this, they can prepare stores for deliveries in advance by using the advanced e-mail notification system. Store managers are alerted to the impending arrival of a delivery and can prepare for the delivery, improving offloading times.
New skills
The system has also been designed to be as easy to use as possible, allowing drivers to gain all the benefits of the solution without a steep and complicated learning curve. The result is that the drivers have been enthusiastic participants in the roll-out of the new system.
Sunnyboy Mathibela, Massdiscounters driver, EPS, says, “As drivers we are now tracked from leaving the yard – they check what time you leave the gate until you reach the customer. The company can see you have arrived so they can call the store and let you know that you’re waiting outside.”
Trackmatic provided Massdiscounters’ drivers with comprehensive training and support. This ensured that they were comfortable with the process from the start, allowing them to see how they were the true front of the business.
“Understanding the invaluable role that the driver can play is incredibly important and opens up the channels of communication for better real time, proactive engagement between drivers, customers and the business,” says David Slotow, CEO, Trackmatic. “Education is essential to the success of this solution and underscores the drivers value and gives them important technology skills that they may never have had the opportunity to learn before.”
Who’s coming?
“Now that the stores know we have this solution in place, they are also more aware of where our deliveries are and when to expect the drivers,”adds Marcus. “This has meant that they send the trucks back to us faster as well. No spending hours on unnecessary paperwork.”
The solution has also allowed for the teams to instantly identify problems on a route or with a delivery, and find quick fixes to resolve them. The visibility into driver behaviour means that Massdiscounters knows how long a driver takes to get somewhere, to offload, and to come back to the depot for the next trip. The use of dashboards has allowed them to gain instant insight into where their shortfalls are, giving them more direction and the ability to focus on key areas.
Massdiscounters has seen incredible engagement on the


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