Fresh groceries guaranteed


Smart Containers Group, the Swiss-based manufacturer of the world’s safest temperature-controlled containers for food and pharmaceuticals, has announced a strategic partnership between its FoodGuardians division and Schoeller Allibert, one of Europe’s providers of reusable and Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) and a world-leading manufacturer of shipping containers and packaging products.
The partnership will bring to market an overnight delivery box for food and groceries, catering to both individual consumers as well as the hospitality industry.
The collaboration between FoodGuardians and Schoeller Allibert is aimed at creating an innovative container solution for the online delivery of groceries, which is more environmentally friendly and offers fresher produce to consumers than current market solutions.
In developing an overnight delivery box for food and groceries, FoodGuardians, whose containers are super lightweight, highly robust, and cost-efficient, will benefit from Schoeller Allibert’s experience and expertise in the mass-manufacturing of reusable assets for the food industry.
FoodGuardians, meanwhile, will extend cooling and data monitoring capabilities in Schoeller Allibert’s existing service offerings, enabling food suppliers to monitor a containers’ performance and the integrity of the products shipped.
“Our work together will go a long way in addressing the wasteful, throw-away solutions which currently characterise the online deliveries market, which is growing more popular by the day.
‘We want to ensure it costs less than €1 per day to protect the products that come to people’s homes when they shop online,” Richard Ettl, CEO of Smart Containers Group concludes.