Warehouse Management Solution


SA Tyre Distributors has selected warehouse management software (WMS) specialist, Cquential Solutions, to provide a solution aimed at moving its warehouse operations in-house while optimising service delivery.
When the company decided to bring its warehouse operations in-house instead of outsourcing, they sought a solution that would position the company to launch new and improved service offerings.
“Cquential’s feature-rich, cloud-based WMS solution and the company’s strategic partnership approach delivered phase 1 of the solution at our Jet Park warehouse in less than eight weeks, and immediately started delivering business benefits. Offering significantly more than traditional functionality, the system is highly flexible and was ‘tailored’ to meet all of our requirements. The system is integrated with our accounting system, delivery system and call centre and allows us to easily rotate stock, track expiry dates, manage stock levels and reduce shrinkage,” says Arthur Ledgerwood of SA Tyre.
He adds that with automated and ‘system directed’ picker functionality embedded in the software, all staff on the warehouse floor use mobile handheld scanning devices, eliminating the need for manual and paper-based traditional systems.
SA Tyre, www.satyre.co.za
Cquential, www.cquential.co.za

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