Success Story


Amatikulu cane growers in northern KwaZulu-Natal stood united to salvage their 2012/13 harvest after longstanding haulier Unitrans’ ended its cane haulage operations in their area, thus impacting the income of 50 commercial growers and more than 2 500 small-scale cane growers in Felixton and Amatikulu.
The farmers rallied together and managed to raise sufficient capital to buy the Unitrans’ assets in the two operational areas to ensure sustainability of their businesses and livelihood. They established Zululand Agricultural Holdings (ZAH).
Since its first year of operation to date, ZAH has increased revenue by 400% and the fleet has grown from 15 to 42 trucks, three tractors and two Bell loaders.
The company currently employees 120 staff and their client database grows annually by about 15%.”
The company can report on some notable achievements – all shareholders were paid back dividends on their ZAH shares and R2.7 million worth of dividends were paid to the participating small scale growers and cooperatives in 2016/17 while operations have expanded into timber haulage.
Tongaat Hulett

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