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The Lloyd’s Register’s Risk Management Consulting team in Norway has signed three exclusive frame agreements to help companies in the region achieve sustainable approaches to cut pollution from greenhouse gas emissions across its transportation sector.
Norway’s largest grocery retail logistics company, Asko, is using ‘zero emission’ expertise from Lloyd’s Register in an effort to achieve 100% zero emissions in its transportation of goods and services. The company has ordered a number of heavy good vehicles using fuel-cell electric transmission and power-train for medium distance grocery transportation in mid-Norway.
Asko is using Lloyd Register’s technical expertise to help undergo the most rigorous of sustainability challenges ever undertaken by the company.
It is also establishing a hydrogen production facility based on solar cell powered electrolysers and a re-fuelling station for vehicles.
The initial phase of the programme involves building twenty (20) hydrogen stations across Norway, a region where the Lloyd’s Register RMC team has already received the first three frame agreement call-offs for greenfield road vehicle re-fuelling stations to be installed in the Oslo and Bergen area. This will be done in collaboration with Uno-X Energy.
Uno-X Hydrogen has a second-phase expansion plan after 2020, where hydrogen stations can either be produced on site by electrolysis or delivered in high-pressure H2 cylinders/vessels.
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