Ultrasonic Reflex Sensor


Complex measuring tasks such as checking stack heights in storage systems can now easily be automated.

No larger than the enter key on a PC keyboard, the U1KT001 ultrasonic reflex sensor from Wenglor is distinguished by a large range of 400mm. Two independent switching outputs can be taught in via teach-in or IO-Link in order to detect dark, transparent or reflective objects at any two switching points. These make it possible to precisely monitor minimum and maximum values stack heights even where interference factors prevail such as ambient light, fog or dust.

Sensor parameters can be conveniently configured and diagnostic data read out via the IO-Link interface. With the data storage function, saved settings can be easily duplicated at other sensors.

The two switching outputs are set up in just a few seconds, even without any product knowledge, with the help of the intuitive teach instructions on the back of the sensor. A lock function for the teach-in keys prevents inadvertent changes to the settings.

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