Stocktake on the Showroom Floor


Laminate and engineered wood flooring supplier and installer Eurofloors recently revamped its Knysna showroom using a Bosch GLM50C laser measure. This provides quick and accurate measurements, with photos that can be populated easily onto a PDF document.

The company used the Bosch GLM50C laser measure to mark down the area where the profiles would be displayed and for the backroom, where the engineered wood is manufactured. Eurofloors owner Stephen Spencer states, “You just set it from where you want to measure, point the tool in the line you want to measure in, and press a button. Then you take your second measurement of the room and follow the same procedure to obtain the total in square metres.”

Eurofloors also uses the device on a daily basis to measure stock accurately, in order to serve its customers better. “Inaccurate measurements could delay a project deadline, as stock has to be re-ordered and redelivered. Since acquiring the laser measure last year, there has been a significant improvement in the time spent on a project. We are now able to get more measuring work done in a day, and do not have to reorder. With a tape measure, it would take us about an hour; now we can finish the measuring within 30 minutes.”

The Bosch GLM50C laser measure has five measurement modes including length, area, volume, continuous measurement and indirect length measurements for versatile applications. It is able to integrate with other devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, through a measure and document application. All measurements can be transmitted from site to the office for quotation purposes, thereby saving time and money.

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