Opportunities in Namibia


Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE) is extending its footprint in the mining and retail sectors in Namibia with the appointment of Elso Holdings as its official distributor, with effect from the beginning of the year.

The main brands to be distributed across Elso Holdings’ seven locations in the region are Ghibli, a manufacturer of wet and dry commercial vacuum cleaners and scrubbers, as well as Delfin vacuum cleaners and suction units for solving particular industrial material cleaning and recycling problems. However, the flagship product range to be distributed by Elso Holdings is GCE’s Tennant range.

GCE General Manager, Greg Venter, highlights that Namibia’s $86 million Walvis Bay port expansion project is on target to be completed by May 2017 by developer China Harbour and Engineering Company (CHEC). The ambitious project will create a new island from reclaimed land, and almost double container capacity from the current 375 000 TEU a year to 650 000 upon completion. Covering 40 ha, the new terminal will have a quay length of 2 100 m.

Apart from mining and infrastructure development, the Namibian retail sector is also booming, with two new shopping malls in Swakopmund alone, and one in Walvis Bay. “It is an important growth market for us, and in tandem with Elso Holdings, we will be ideally positioned to take advantage of all of these opportunities,” says GCE National Sales Manager, Peter Esterhuizen.

“We do aim to offer a refurbishment service in the future, but the main focus at the moment is to get the technical team up and running so that it is able to maintain and repair the GCE equipment,” Peter concludes.

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