Long-Term Rental


Toyota Forklift, part of the EIE Group, handed over 15 machines with ancillary equipment to Le-Sel Research (Pty) Ltd in January 2017. Based in Midrand in South Africa, Le-Sel Research, the largest contract manufacturer of toiletries and cosmetics in Southern Africa is a first-time client for Toyota Forklift

The machines were supplied on a long–term rental and maintenance basis, with full FMX forklift fleet management monitoring and corporate logos painted on the reach trucks. The order included five combustion Toyota Forklift (8FG1.8), seven Toyota Forklift battery electrical reach trucks (8FBRE1.4S), two gas units (1 X 8FG2.5G and one X 8FG3T) and one Orion LPE 200 pallet truck.

The powerful, durable and environmentally-friendly Toyota Forklift combustion and battery electrical reach trucks are characterised by simple operation, and high levels of efficiency and safety. Toyota’s original safety technology, the SAS (System of Active Stability), for outstanding load handling control, and the OPS operator presence sensing system, provide stable and smooth operation and assist in optimising work efficiency.

The outstanding visibility provides a clear view of the fork tips and areas around the forklift to support safe and accurate operation, as does the advanced ergonomics, such as a compact but roomy body and a small-diameter steering wheel.

The Toyota battery-electrical reach trucks feature an advanced AC Power System, while the combustion reach trucks offer improved fuel efficiency, with 20% lighter gas use than previous models and IPX5 waterproof rating on all electrical connectors

The Orion LPE 200 pallet truck provides safe high speed operation and maximum efficiency from the integrated spring loaded, foldable platform together with stable and comfortable gates.

EIE Group, Warren Lloyd

Email: warrenl@eiegroup.co.za