Distance Sensing Applications


Optimum functionality during logistics operations, whether in manufacturing or storage facilities, demands the ability to sense a wide range of objects rapidly and with absolute accuracy.

The Leuze 10 Series distance sensors offer reliable object detection and distance measurement over an operating range of up to eight metres with an accuracy of 30mm. These devices have a high tolerance to the angle of incidence as well as to colour, surface structure and even the brightness of reflective materials.

Engineered for optimum sensing reliability even under changing conditions, the Leuze 10 Series sensors are easy to install, and commission; offering optimum functionality.

Designed with a modular structure, the sensors can be combined in a variety of configurations to suit individual applications. This allows optimum flexibility in terms of the required functions, electrical connection, number of I/Os as well as data output requirements.

These sensors are available from Countapulse Controls, and the Johannesburg-based company offers a technical hotline facility to assist customers with troubleshooting.

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