Data Sanitation


Unknowingly, companies often donate old IT equipment to charity organisations or schools that are in desperate need. However, before doing so, they fail to ensure that the hard drives are erased properly.

Xperien CEO Wale Arewa warns that donations could be a bomb waiting to explode. “What they view as a trivial act, is in fact a serious data security threat that could create massive liability for the company.”

Due to the crucial nature of data sanitisation, Xperien has developed its own bespoke software, destroyData. The software erases and performs advanced digital data elimination (digital sanitation). This destruction process allows the hard disk drive to be reused with the most environmentally compliant procedure.

destroyData will eliminate the risk of data loss in hard drives which are being given away. It is a simple, secure and efficient solution to assist in safeguarding a company’s integrity and reputation.


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