Warehouse Cooling Solution


Tasked with the establishment of a pharmaceutical compliant warehouse in Malawi, Imperial Health Services faced the challenge of delivering a pharmaceutical regulatory compliant, temperature controlled storage facility that would not require a consistent supply of electricity.

This new, 2 000m² facility, which is 11m-high and offers 2 500 pallet positions, is situated in Lilongwe, Malawi. Iain Barton, Imperial Logistics Group Business Development Executive: Healthcare, reveals that it features passive temperature control technologies that require no generated power supply, but which provide and maintain the required temperatures of between 15 and 30°C.

“Correct storage conditions for pharmaceuticals are critical to the success of the pharmaceutical supply chain and ultimately the successful treatment of patients. When these products experience extreme temperatures, they lose their potency, physically change and could jeopardise patients’ health. Achieving the required temperature conditions for pharmaceutical products in Africa is especially difficult considering the lack of readily available funding as well as the lack of sufficient resources to generate a consistent supply of electricity.”

The passive technologies used by Imperial Health Sciences in the Lilongwe warehouse are thermal roof paint, to reflect solar rays; turbine ventilators, for the extraction of roof heat; polyurethane styrofoam for thermal insulation; and PVC strip curtains, which restrict thermal flow.

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