Ultimate Warehouse Optimisation


Famous Brands has selected Cquential Solutions to deliver ultimate warehouse optimisation solutions.

Famous Brand’s group logistics services executive, Bill Davies notes the improved accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse resulted in key financial benefits which included the ability to service additional franchise networks by leveraging the same infrastructure. “This together with planning and forecasting initiatives played a key role in improved monthly stock turns.”

The solution has also been installed into the new chilled and frozen goods warehouse at Crown Mines, which was commissioned in 2015.

Cquential Solutions CEO, Steve Mallaby notes that perishability combined with specific storage requirements and high throughputs placed big demands on the warehouse, with accuracy being a critical element.

“The solution has proven to be flexible enough to cater for the unique and varied requirements of the different sites even though Famous Brands is running off a single Cquential platform,” says Steve.

Other key benefits include excellent batch control and full traceability so if there is any issue, Famous Brands can accurately determine the location to which specific products were delivered.

“Because the software is supplied on a SaaS basis it remains a monthly operational expense rather than a large capital outlay, which makes financial sense and enables scalability. The added benefit of the SaaS environment is that support can be provided remotely,” Steve concludes.

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