Tagging for Traceability


The electrical, hose and general installation industries are demanding identification systems that are easy to read and install, in order to allow for the traceability of hose or similar product. The Easy Read system from Band-It offers increased peace of mind that all installations are tagged effectively.

These tags must be able to withstand highly-corrosive environments. This is where Easy Read comes into its own, as all the characters, carriers, strips and cable ties comprising the system are manufactured from Grade 316 stainless steel.

The characters are simply slid onto the carrier or strip in the necessary configuration, which is then installed using a Band-It stainless-steel tie. Alternatively, the characters can be slid directly onto a 10mm or smaller cable tie, thereby creating a self-contained ‘wrap’ tag.

Letters, numbers and symbols for the system are available in bags of ten or 100, as well as in kits.

All of the letters, numbers and symbols are pre-punched and ready-cut for quick installation. The visibility of the tags in dim or low-light environments, as well as inaccessible spaces, can be enhanced further by using special colour-coated carriers or strips.

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