Five Sites Certified


ID Logistics SA recently certified their five South African sites through a process of conducting external audits by consultants, SGS South Africa.

By obtaining this certification, ID Logistics SA aligns itself to the global standards of its parent company, ensuring a sustainable footprint by eliminating risks to their clients and committing to ethical and best business practices throughout their service delivery.

This certification is based on an evolutionary standard that groups all commitments in the following categories: general management, human resource, processes, productivity, sustainable development, legal compliance, staff appraisals, and CO2/environmental carbon footprint.

Dean Gardner, national warehouse development manager at ID Logistics SA says, “Since 2007, the global group has been involved in the certification process with the EuraCRP standards in France.  In 2016, we started our local certification process with SG,S which underpins our approach of providing our clients with best business practices. This certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to ethical and sustainable management protocols.”

According to Dean, there are several key features of ID Logistics’ private referential quality standard certification. “Our global quality standard ensures consistent and continuous improvement application of best business practices for all sites, which includes yearly internal audits and certification audits, as well as continuous follow-up action plans initiated from within these audits.

“This reduces the risk for both ID Logistics and the client, and facilitates internal protocols, as well as recommended business protocols from clients. In addition, using an external consultant such as SGS is a real added benefit,” he concludes.

ID Logistics SA