Enhanced Lift and Capacity


Toyota Forklift, part of EIE Group, has handed over 17 machines for warehousing and distribution to Spar Western Cape, including the first BT Reach Trucks to be supplied with the new 13m mast and 1 000kg capacity.

The machines include BT RRE200 (2 ton) reach trucks for operation in both cold storage and ambient conditions, Opus OSE250 order pickers and Orion LPE200 pallet trucks. With advanced ergonomics, the machines will be deployed for pallet put aways and retrievals into and out of racking, pallet transporting and picking.

As one of Toyota Forklift’s best-in-class brands, the energy efficient BT Reflex range of reach trucks offers high acceleration and exceptional driveability for optimum horizontal transportation and stacking. The transitional lift control (TLC) enables high lift speeds for increased productivity, while ensuring lift and lower movements are completely smooth, protecting the load and assuring safety. Other safety features include an automatic parking brake, and a 360 degree steering, which not only saves steerwheel wear but also reduces driver fatigue, in addition to allowing for faster pallet put aways and retrievals.

EIE Group, Shane Farren

Email: shanef@eiegroup.co.za