Demanding Deadline


A South African fruit and vegetable company, ‘The Fruit Spot’ faced a distribution challenge when new business opportunities opened up for them in Cape Town.

The Fruit Spot is the fresh produce division of Massmart and has a huge perishable goods processing plant in Johannesburg. When Massmart decided to introduce fruit and vegetables to their public offering, The Fruit Spot had to move quickly to handle the increased volume nationally.

Serco was tasked with manufacturing and delivering five refrigerated vehicles within two weeks to handle the fresh produce distribution in the Western Cape.

Their Cape Town division worked flat out to deliver on the order as required and delivered all five units with two days to spare, certainly a huge achievement.

Signwriting for the vehicles also needed to be done but the existing supplier was only based in Johannesburg. Once again Serco filled the gap and had the required signage done. The new distribution centre was opened with the completed vehicles to give Fruit Spot a great start for the expansion.

Serco, Clinton Holcroft

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