Thirteen Signs of Fuel Card Fraud

  1. The wrong card is used for the wrong vehicle
  2. One card is used to re-fuel multiple vehicles
  3. Drivers are caught sharing card PIN numbers
  4. Former drivers keep using cards after termination or retirement
  5. Fuel purchases exceed tank capacity
  6. Purchases occur well outside normal operating geography
  7. Fuel type mismatch: fuel purchased is the wrong grade for a given vehicle
  8. Too many transactions occur on a specific day or week, or outside normal business hours
  9. Regular ‘under’ fills – often related to the purchase of cell phone ‘top ups’
  10. Excessive oil fills
  11. Irregular distances between re-fills and excessive number of fills per period
  12. Litres per hundred kilometers usage is constantly above or below projected averages
  13. Irregular amounts and purchases – related to food purchases etc.

On average, companies that use telematics lower their total operating costs by up to 11% by keeping track on fleet operations such as idling, vehicle misuse and speeding. It also removes any doubt about the driver’s location, time at stops, route behaviour, speeding, harsh braking and many other driver-related issues.

Michael Crankshaw