Solid and Sturdy


Icon Brick’s Spencer Haydock says that in these tight economic times, operators need to be as efficient as possible in their materials handling applications. “We are therefore pleased with our Kipor forklifts especially with the innovative adjustments to their filtration system, which enables them to operate efficiently in the very dusty environment of the cement plant.”

Icon bought two refurbished Kipor KDF25 (2.5 ton) diesel forklifts from Smith Power Equipment (SPE), distributors of Kipor in South Africa. This forklift is one of the flagship machines in the range. With its advanced streamlined design, solid, sturdy frame and its suspended and moveable seat, which provides comfort for the operator, it has become one of the most popular forklifts around.

SPE’s sales executive Sunee Heyns says that SPE is aware of the need to ensure optimal productivity for its clients at the lowest cost of ownership. “To accomplish this, our machines are very competitively priced with regard to new and used diesel and electric forklifts. We have an ample stock of local parts, which are reasonably priced and the machines themselves are well-known for their efficient operation,” she adds.

On the question of after sales service and support, SPE has developed an enviable reputation for service throughout southern Africa for all its products. “This of course includes our forklifts, which are supported through our extensive dealer network throughout the country,” says Sunee.

She adds that every dealer is equipped with full technical and field service capability, and is quick to respond to customer needs. “We are aware that forklift downtime is expensive and we respond to any problems appropriately.”

Icon Brick’s Spencer concurs saying that, “After some initial teething problems, SPE’s service has been great and I commend them for dealing with the initial challenges in a professional manner and for providing the requisite service levels to my company where the forklifts are essential to our operation.”

Thorough understanding
In a tough economy, customers need more than just equipment suppliers. “They want overall solution providers and we do that through a host of value-adding services like, for example, promoting productivity through operator comfort, providing the right machines for the job at hand through understanding the needs of our customers, innovative financial packages and more.”

Sunee concludes, “Even though the economy is challenged at the moment, products still need to be moved from one location to the next and forklifts are essential in this process. We have had two excellent quarters thus far and we see this positive trend continuing for some time.”

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