Biggest Single-user Building in Europe


The Radius Group will construct a new warehousing and logistics centre in the Domodedovo district of Moscow, for Auchan Retail Russia.

The new facility will be developed on a dedicated land plot at South Gate Industrial Park area. It will be the biggest single-user building in Europe with an area of over 138 000sqm. Auchan will invest about $95.8M in the facility.

The centre will be the largest facility of its kind, will be designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, and will make use of advanced technologies during construction. It will have capacity to handle loading and unloading of over 230 trailers simultaneously, and will service over 50 Auchan stores in the region.

It will also incorporate developed infrastructure and accessibility in order to optimise construction and maintenance costs.

Auchan Retail Russia CEO for hypermarkets Oleg Alkhamov says, “During the first stage we plan to build infrastructure for a warehousing centre that will allow us to expand in the future.”

Radius Group,


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